Our approach to publishing is revolutionising the industry. As a publishing firm our area of focus is children’s stories and related materials, but we offer a lot more.

People have had dreams of putting their ideas and thoughts in writing, dreams of publishing their works. While some have been able to actualise this dream, so many others have not. Within this group that are not able to actualise their dream so many valuable and quality materials have been wasted, and are still being wasted.

We all live as witnesses to the Harry Porter ‘phenomenon,’ and how it was initially destined for the literary agent’s trash can. So many other phenomena have not been so fortunate. Our goal, among others, is to address this situation and end the cycle of rejection of your transcripts. 

We at Sahara Media Ltd have developed a model that empowers every individual with an idea, giving you the ‘tools’ to ‘roll it out.’ It doesn’t end there. We also help you to present your work to the global audience. 

Our model is simple, the procedures streamlined, and the technology is state-of-the-art.